After a long, cold winter, it’s a welcome change of pace to have sunny skies and warm winds. As you step out into the yard for the first time since the snow melted, it may be discouraging to see leaves in the gutters and dead plants in the flower beds. However, the more that you can do to prepare your home for warm weather before spring arrives, the more major repairs you’ll prevent.

1. Roof and gutters

Harsh winter weather is rough on a roof, often leaving homeowners in need of roof repair. Use a ladder to clean out the gutters and inspect the roof for loose, missing, and damaged shingles as well as other signs of wear and tear. If you suspect larger roof issues that you can’t address from a ladder, we recommend that you hire a roofing professional.

2. Windows

Leaky windows bring in the hot summer air and let out the air-conditioned air. Check weather stripping and caulking to make sure that it’s intact. Look for condensation inside the glass on double or triple pane windows, and if necessary, replace the glass or window.

3. Air-conditioner

Just as you perform a routine check on your heater during the fall, it’s important to check your air-conditioner in the spring. Inspect the hose connections for leaks, change the filter, and make sure the drain pans are not clogged and are draining properly. Vacuum any dust that has settled on the unit or its connections.

4. Basements

Inspect concrete basement walls for cracks. Typically if there is a leak, the water will pool at the bottom of a crack. Grab a flashlight to look at exposed framing. If you see as much as one quarter inch tunneling on the wood, contact a pest control company right away.

5. Leaks

During spring cleaning and maintenance, keep an eye out for sweaty pipes, corrosion, leaky faucets, and clogged drains. Check for proper sealing on pipes and hoses around sinks as well as the dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater. Wetness may indicate an existing or potential problem.

If you run into any major repair work, including roof repair, during your annual spring maintenance routine, hire a reputable contractor. Trying to tackle a large job without the right tools or skill set may do more harm than good.

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