The majority of American homes have a shingle roof. When done right, a roof protected by modern asphalt shingles can offer years of worry-free living. Our team at Victors Roofing would like to offer 5 facts about the beautiful, durable, asphalt shingle roof. 

5 Facts About Shingles:

1. Weather extremes are hard on shingles.

Weather extremes can wreak havoc on asphalt shingles; drastic temperature changes, like from very hot to very cold, can cause shingles to crack, break, or just wear down and eventually break away from the roof. Often, this can be blamed on poor quality shingles, though none are completely impervious to severe weather.

2. There are 2 types of asphalt shingles.

There are two types of asphalt shingles: 1) organic shingles, which are produced by saturating waste paper with asphalt, and 2) fiberglass shingles, in which a reinforcing glass fiber mat is coated with asphalt. Both work well to waterproof, but organic shingles are more flammable. Fiberglass shingles, more commonly used today, are more durable and offer much better fire protection.

3. Most shingles are recyclable.

Shingles are considered eco-friendly, because the material (old shingles) can be recycled. Truly “green” shingles–composed of a variety of recycled materials–are available, and are quite durable.

4. Light colored shingles protect from heat.

Lighter colors reduce what is known as “the urban heat island effect.” In areas where homes or buildings are concentrated, dark roofs can actually create enough heat to raise the local temperatures. This is because dark colors absorb heat, while lighter colors reflect it. Light colored shingles help reduce energy bills, improve your home’s comfort, and decrease roof temperatures in warm weather. In northern climates, such as Michigan, the length of the cold winter months diminishes the savings experienced by homeowners with light-colored roofing in southern regions.

5. Asphalt shingles are an affordable investment.

Asphalt shingles are the most affordable of all roofing material choices when installed by a professional roofing contractor. Most asphalt shingles have a guaranteed life span of 15-30 years, making the cost vs. longevity choice a smart one.


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