When searching for a reliable, local roofer, how should Canton-area homeowners decide? Should you talk to neighbors or drive around until you spot a roofing job in progress? No, you need to do some basic research, and you have to interview the roofer. Among the questions to ask, you need to consider these four essentials.

Do You Know Our Community?

Some roofers may have a national footprint, but know nothing of the local area. Victors Roofing is a family business, with family-strong ties to Ann Arbor, Canton, and Ypsilanti. We not only live and work in our community, we give back through projects such as No Roof Left Behind.

The prospective residential roofing contractors you interview should be able to point to local jobs and say proudly, “We did that.”

Do You Know Our Climate and Weather?

Southeast Michigan’s climate challenges any roof installation. Climate, of course, is the trend of temperature and atmospheric conditions over time. Ypsilanti, for example, usually sees winter lows of 18 degrees (F) and summer highs of only 85 degrees (F). This means every Canton home should have adequate insulation to prevent early degradation of the roof above, and every roof should have water and ice shield.

Weather is a different issue. Weather is the day to day variation in cloud cover, precipitation and atmospheric conditions. A roofing job on an Ann Arbor home cannot stretch across five or six days. Local roofers know that Michigan has more cloudy than sunny days. This means you have to take advantage of clear skies and get the job done, even if crews have to work a little past “quittin’ time.”

Do You Know Basic Economics?

Some roofers upsell. This means Canton homeowners worried about keeping a roof over their children’s heads are somehow talked into more roof than they can afford. A quality residential roofing contractor appreciates the value of keeping a customer for many years. This means offering a good value at a reasonable price, and providing helpful financing terms.

Do You Know the Whole House?

How do gutters affect foundations? Why is attic insulation important to energy efficiency? How can ridge vents lower cooling bills? A residential roofing contractor who also handles insulation and gutters appreciates the way a Canton home works as an integrated system.

Victors Roofing knows the community, climate, economics, and interdependence of roofing. Contact us today to let us help solve your residential roofing problems.

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