How long will your Canton-area home’s roof last? We can’t say, but we do know this: with proper maintenance, it will last longer than if you ignore it. Use these four action tips to get a long-lasting roof.

1. Inspect

From the ground, or safely from an extension ladder going no higher than your gutters, inspect your home’s roof for signs of problems in your entire roof system:

  • Curling or lifting shingles — shingles which are near or past their useful life will curl, lift, cup, or crack
  • Damaged drip edge — the metal at the edge of your roof sheds water, preventing the fascia and gable boards from rotting
  • Keystoning shingles — when shingles lose much of their necessary oils they will shrink, causing the slot between tabs to widen
  • Granules in gutters — the embedded granules help shed water and protect the shingle; when these are gone, your roof is no longer water resistant
  • Missing, bent, or broken flashing — the metal bridging gaps between chimney and shingle, or covers valleys, is a vital part of a healthy roof system
  • Sagging, leaking or broken gutters — poorly performing gutters will allow water to run behind the fascia boards, leading to water infiltration, mold, and mildew

2. Clean

Clogged gutters allow rainwater to back up, flood the gutter, and fall against and behind the fascia boards. Fascia boards are horizontal, decorative molding capping the ends of roof rafters and help seal your home’s attic. When water is pushed up against fascia, or seeps in behind the wood, it infiltrates your attic. Rising humidity invites mold and mildew. It can ruin your home’s indoor air quality.

If you can safely and easily clean your home’s gutters, try to do this one maintenance chore at least twice a year. Never climb on your home’s roof to reach the gutters. If you can reach them from an extension ladder, you can help prevent water infiltration from clogged or damaged gutters.

Gutter cleaning can also be done professionally. If your home is two stories or has a complicated gutter system, or even if you just do not want to risk a fall from a ladder, consider hiring a gutter cleaning service.

If you tire of clogged or dirty gutters, you can also consider gutter leaf protection. This one step of prevention can help preserve your gutters, foundation, and roof.

3. Trim

Your roof is at the mercy of overhanging limbs, so consider hiring a landscaper or arborist to trim back trees posing a threat to your shingle roof. Sometimes as a tree ages it drops smaller branches and twigs onto your roof. An annual cleaning is one of the roof maintenance solutions your local roofer can provide.

Branches, twigs, moss and algae can all be expertly removed during annual maintenance and inspection. Left unattended, moss can spread across the shingles, weakening the seals between shingle layers and allowing moisture into your attic. Debris from trees can also scour your shingles as wind moves the dead branches and twigs across the granules.

Algae itself does not necessarily damage the physical structure of your home’s shingles, but it does reduce the roof’s energy efficiency by decreasing reflectivity. Moss should be removed by professional roofers, to avoid damaging shingles.

4. Enlist

Fiberglass-asphalt shingles blend time-tested asphalt and high-tech fiberglass. The asphalt is rich with volatile chemicals which evaporate over the years.

You can counter the aging effects by enlisting the trained professionals of Victors Roofing to have Roof Maxx applied to your shingle roof. One application, taking less than half a day, can add five years of life to the shingles protecting your home. The application can be repeated several times, possibly doubling the life of your shingle roof.

Roof Maxx is a soy-based product which rejuvenates fiberglass-asphalt shingles by putting the volatile oils back into the asphalt. This keeps your shingles pliable, flexible, and resilient. Their water resistance improves and your roof looks beautiful once again.

Roof Maxx is a professionally applied product. It isn’t something a homeowner can do on a Saturday. Professional roofers, trained in the Roof Maxx system, have the right equipment and experience to work on your Canton-area home’s roof safely. The application is carefully controlled to reach all parts of your shingles, but any overspray will not harm landscaping.

Of the four roof maintenance solutions listed, Roof Maxx is your best return on an investment. It treats the vast majority of your roof system, the shingles, with a level of professional protection to preserve your roof for many years.

Residential roofs need professional care and attention. Victors Roofing is your helpful ally in preserving your roof so you can enjoy years of worry-free living in your Canton-area home. Contact us today to let us help you preserve and protect your roof!