Spring is upon us at last. With these warmer days, you may be considering a bit of exterior home improvement.  At Victors Roofing we are here to help you make some educated decisions about the what and how of giving your home a little extra protection and love for 2015.


As the first line of defense, the roof of your home needs to stay in exceptional shape in order to deal with the hazards of inclement weather, harmful sunlight and water damage.

A good roof adds energy efficiency of your home as well as simply protecting it from the sun, rain, and snow. .

To keep your roof in pristine condition, you may consider minor repairs.  Modern asphalt shingles can provide years of exceptional service – with a good warranty and regular maintenance, they can be a great solution for your home.

gutter details for canton roofingThe Gutters

A proper gutter system is integral to a solid homestead. Gutters ensure that water runoff from rain precipitation is directed away from your foundation, avoiding potential water damage.  They also help your roof to deal with excess water, avoiding potential ‘pooling’, which can wreak havoc on your roof.

Good gutters should allow for clean, uninterrupted flow. They should be fully intact (Sound obvious? Many homeowners simply throw up a portion above a doorway or window, leaving the rest of the roofline untouched), free of rust and clean.

You may consider gutter replacement with seamless gutters, a system that leaves no room for error or leakage, and looks pretty snazzy to boot!

Keep An Eye On Your Siding

siding detail for canton roofingDamaged siding is unsightly, sure, but it also is a precursor to more insidious issues. Damaged siding can lead to more serious forms of damage from wind and water both, and being absolutely sure yours is in tip top condition is a priority. Some things to keep an eye out for include:

Solar Weathering

Exposed Nails

Presence of Mold or Insects

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