Your house is not a sponge. Your house is not meant to absorb water from your roof, walls, or foundation. Yet, with poor gutters, your house is at risk of taking in water through those very places, causing expensive damage. Some of the reasons to consider gutter replacement are your fascia, your foundation, and your finances.


The fascia on your Canton-area home is the vertical wood behind the gutters. It is more than decorative. It helps to seal your home, so if it becomes rotten or damaged, you have lost a protective barrier that is preserving value in your home.

When damaged gutters allow water to overflow, the water will flow to the back of the gutter as well as over its front. The water flowing onto the fascia will eventually rot the strip, allowing water infiltration into your walls. The rotten wood also attracts insects, and, with time, vermin.


Gutters move water away from your home. Whether your Canton-area home has cinder block or cast concrete, your foundation walls can be damaged by water that sits against the exterior of the foundation. Water that cascades down the sides of your home and saturates the ground directly around your foundations will eventually cause damage.

Besides the obvious foundation leaks that could flood your basement with every rain, your foundation can develop cracks, suffer from spalling or scaling, or develop efflorescence on interior surfaces. This constant dampness can also lead to mold and mildew, endangering your family’s health.


All the water damage caused by faulty or undersized gutters is expensive to repair. Fascia boards can be replaced, yes, but what of the unseen damage to walls from water that entered, flowed down between the exterior and interior, and soaked insulation and drywall?

Having your foundation walls waterproofed is a very expensive process, and one that will tear up your yard and landscaping. Poor gutter drainage can also cause soggy spots to develop on your lawn. It can ruin flower beds. It can erode soil around your property.

You may feel that new, seamless gutters will cost a lot. Yet postponing gutter replacement can be expensive and lead to lasting damage to your home. Contact Victors Roofing to learn how our seamless gutter replacement service can save you money, keep curb appeal and value in your Canton-area home, and protect your family from the risks associated with water infiltration.

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