How To Increase Energy Efficiency With Attic Insulation

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Having the proper attic insulation increases your home’s energy efficiency, but how? It’s science, really: convection, conduction, and radiation. Those are the only ways thermal energy (heat) can move in and out of your Michigan home. Learn how to increase your home’s energy efficiency without overspending.  […]

Why Trust is Most Important in Hiring a Roofer

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What matters more: trust, or low price? What matters more: trust, or reputation? Everything stems from trust. Families bond together through trust. Companies stay in business because of trust. When hiring a roofer — a contractor who will be responsible for the part of your home that protects everything you own — you have to [...]

The 3 Things You Need to Consider When Picking a Roofer

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Everybody has advice on picking a contractor for your home’s most valuable feature, the roof. Why is the roof the most valuable part of your home? Every other part of your home is beneath it! A weak or leaky roof leads to ruined furnishings, unhealthy family members and pets, and expensive repairs. So what are [...]

How to Fight Off the Roof Reaper & Rescue Your Roof

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What is your home’s shingle roof made of? You say shingles, sure, but what is a shingle made of? For most of America’s residential roofs, a shingle is made from three things: petrochemicals, granules, and fiberglass. Protect your investment and extend the life of your Canton-area home’s roof with Roof Maxx.  […]

How To Know Roof Maxx Is The Solution Your Roof Needs

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What product costs only a fraction of what a new roof costs, but takes only hours to apply? Roof Maxx, the spray-on residential version of a long-known commercial roofing secret. With Roof Maxx, Michigan homeowners have an alternative to the expense and inconvenience of roof replacement.  […]

What You Need to Know about a Clean Roofing Project

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A new roof means a fresh start. If your roofer is not neat and clean with the roofing project, though, your homestead may end up looking like a junkyard. A roofing project which is kept orderly and clean at the project end is not only nicer to look at, it is more efficient and faster [...]

Why You Should Demand Transparency from Your Roofer

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Bait and switch. False advertising. Flimsy warranties. The roofing industry is, sadly, a rich hunting ground for unscrupulous roofers. Finding an honest, transparent, local roofer comes as a relief to a local homeowner. How can you do it? […]

2 Reasons Why Gutter Guards Cause Your Roof Leak

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Cleaning your home’s gutters is a necessity for preventing roof and water leaks but not necessarily a favorite task of homeowners. Gutter Guards are designed, in part, to make cleanup easier, can lessen the workload for homeowners faced with gutters filled with leaves and other debris. But are gutter guards all they’re cracked up to [...]

How To Revitalize Your Old Roof With Roof Maxx

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Commercial building owners have long known a secret — withheld from residential homeowners until now — which has saved them thousands of dollars every year. The secret to extending the life of an old roof is to replenish and protect the outer roofing layer. For residential homeowners, this is almost always fiberglass-asphalt shingles, the single [...]