Why Seamless Gutters Are Worth Your Investment

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If it’s time to replace the gutters on your home then you should consider a more modern approach – namely, seamless gutters. What are seamless gutters? Unlike older, sectional gutters, seamless gutters come in one piece of aluminum rather than in multiple sections. They also come with several advantages. […]

3 Reasons Why Your Gutter Is Overflowing

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Do you dread every rain shower which comes through? The water simply pours over the edge of the gutter, leaving pits in the yard and water flowing everywhere. When your gutter is overflowing, there is definitely something wrong. Let’s look at what might be causing the overflow. […]

Why The Atlas StormMaster Shingle Is The Best For MI Homes

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Replacing your roof is a big investment, and choosing the right shingles can be a daunting task. With so many choices available, it's easy to get caught up comparing profiles and colors. A more important quality is how a shingle performs in our Southwest Michigan climate. If your new shingles aren't built to last, you [...]

The Truth About Estimating Your Roof Replacement

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With professional installation from a trustworthy roofing contractor, a new roof should last a long time – in most cases, over 20 years depending on the type of shingles. But most roofs need to be replaced eventually, and it’s no secret that a roof replacement is expensive. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a [...]

How To Tell The Age Of Your Roof

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Knowing the age of your roof is important for a lot of reasons. It plays into determining if it’s time to replace or if repairs are enough to keep it safe and sound. So, how do you know the age of your roof? It’s a tough question to answer, but also one frequently asked of roofing [...]

How Architectural Shingles Add To Your Home’s Value

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The roofing material you choose plays a major part in how your home looks and what its ultimate value is. Architectural shingles are definitely an upgrade over standard 3-tab shingles. They add value to your home in multiple ways. Let’s look at a few. […]

How Your Insulation Helps Year Around

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One of the first things that come to mind when homeowners think of insulation is how it helps keep the house warm during the winter. But insulation serves many other purposes than keeping the house cozy during Michigan's winters. The impact and benefits are felt all year while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home. [...]

How To Get An Energy Credit By Adding Attic Insulation

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There’s nothing quite like a home improvement which saves you money in more ways than one. If you are considering adding attic insulation to your home, make sure you do it right so you can get energy credit and savings in other ways. Learn how with this guide. […]