3 Clarifying Questions When You Need to Replace Your Roof

By |May 15th, 2017|Blog, Roofing|

Whether you’ve considered replacing your aging roof, or you’re in a repair-or-replace dilemma, deciding when a residential roofing replacement is due isn’t always clear. Is sooner rather than later better, or should you try to get a few more years out of your roof? If any of this sounds familiar, consider the following questions to help you clarify if it’s time for a new roof. […]

4 Crucial To-Do Items for Your Roof in the Spring

By |May 8th, 2017|Blog, Roofing|

  Spring is the perfect time to give your roof some TLC to erase the effects of a winter’s worth of wind, ice and snow. To get your roof in tip-top shape, be sure to tackle these four maintenance tasks this spring: […]

Love Your Neighbor! Nominate a Home for No Roof Left Behind

By |April 10th, 2017|Blog, Roofing|

At Victors Roofing, we take great pride in our community and appreciate the neighbors we’ve had the privilege to serve in Canton and Wayne County. We know that our residential roofing business has thrived over the past decade because of the support and trust of fellow Michigan homeowners.  […]

First Time Homeowner? Make Sure You Understand Your Roof

By |April 3rd, 2017|Blog, Roofing|

Becoming a first time homeowner is very exciting, yet it brings many new responsibilities. You probably have questions about home maintenance — when, how and what systems to service. If so, you’re reading the right article! Following are helpful tips and information about your residential roofing system and how it impacts your home from the chimney top to the foundation. […]

What You Need to Know About Atlas Pinnacle Shingle Products

By |March 13th, 2017|Blog, Roofing|

First impressions matter. This is especially true when it comes to your home. If your home has curb appeal, then it looks pristine from the roof to the front door. […]

3 Big Reasons NOT to Be Cheap with Your Roof

By |March 6th, 2017|Roofing|

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably daydreaming about a new kitchen or bathroom update, or adding a room or having new siding installed. When it comes to home improvements, updating the roof is something that is often put off until problems start to develop, and then the focus is on getting it replaced as inexpensively as possible. […]

What You Need to Know about Dimensional Shingle Aesthetics

By |February 6th, 2017|Blog, Roofing|

Your roof is more than a structural component of your home. It’s also a major design element that has a big impact on your home’s overall aesthetic and curb appeal. When the time comes to replace your roof, you have an opportunity to boost your home’s appeal by choosing dimensional shingles. […]

Want a Good Roofer? Here’s What to Look For

By |January 23rd, 2017|Roofing|

Finding and hiring a professional roofer to maintain and repair your home’s roof can be a daunting task. You’ve likely heard stories about how difficult it can be to find someone who is reliable, professional and who does the job right. Finding the best Canton roofing expert for your home should […]

3 Reasons Not To Put Off Gutter Replacement

By |December 28th, 2016|Roofing|

Your house is not a sponge. Your house is not meant to absorb water from your roof, walls, or foundation. Yet, with poor gutters, your house is at risk of taking in water through those very places, causing expensive damage. Some of the reasons to consider gutter replacement are your fascia, your foundation, and your finances. […]

4 Criteria to Help You Choose the Best Canton Roofer

By |December 7th, 2016|Roofing|

Your roof is the critically-important structural component that protects your home and family against all kinds of bad weather. This makes it vital to find the best Canton roofing contractor to maintain, repair or replace it. You can start your search by creating a list of licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractors who have a lengthy history in the area. Then, evaluate these roofers based on the following four criteria before you start getting quotes and comparing costs. […]