5 Reasons Why Your Gutters Need To Be Cleaned

2021-07-13T15:10:20-04:00By |Gutters|

Why do rainbows form? Why do birds fly south for the winter? Why do gutters need to be cleaned? Inquisitive kids and homeowners alike often demand answers to questions. We can quickly dismiss the first two questions (refraction; plentiful resources), but the third puzzle needs a bit of work to clear up the clog.  [...]

14 Questions To Ask Your Roofer Before Signed On The Dotted Line

2021-07-13T15:17:36-04:00By |About Roofers|

Federal law allows just about everyone signing a contract to cancel it within 72 hours of signing. This “cooling off” period is also called the “right of rescission.” Wouldn’t life be better, though, if you could do all your second-guessing first? Here’s what to ask a roofer before signing a contract.  […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Roofing Contractor

2021-07-13T15:17:27-04:00By |About Roofers|

Many nouns related to roofing contractors end in y; ability, honesty, quality all spring to mind. Roof problems? Same thing: hesitancy, worry, delay. If you are thinking of tackling roof problems yourself, we politely suggest two more nouns: futility and injury. Here are six reasons to hire a nearby, trustworthy roofing contractor rather than hiring [...]

How To Know What Makes An Excellent Roofing Contractor

2021-07-13T15:17:19-04:00By |About Roofers|

Comedians and roofers both know the Rule of Three. The comedians’ Rule of Three is to say two things and then toss in the joke: “Can I get you anything? Cup of coffee? Doughnut? Cyanide?” For roofers, the Rule of Three encourages clients to interview three roofers before contracting a roofing job. This step alone [...]