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Blown-In Fiberglass Attic Insulation

At Victors Roofing, we understand your attic insulation and ventilation requirements. A poorly insulated roof will require more air conditioning in the summer and more heat in the winter.

In fact, poor insulation in your roof can even cause your rafters to crack causing structural issues.

Insulation can act as a 2nd water barrier, so making sure you have proper insulation can also reduce leaks coming into your house. Good insulation is the real key to extending the life of your roof.

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At Victors Roofing, we are fully equipped to provide fiberglass attic insulation.

Blow-in Insulation for Southeast Michigan

Blown-in fiberglass insulation gets into all the small corners and crevices in your roof. Standard insulation can’t provide full coverage. Like the attention to detail in our roofing services, we extend this dedication to your attic insulation. We always use the best quality products. A minimum of R-36 will be used and R-49 is recommended. We can even blow in up to R-60.

Pro Tip: R values are a measurement of thermal resistance. This rating determines how long it takes for a temperature change to travel through a given object. The higher the R value of insulation, the better it works!

Like everything Victors Roofing does, we make sure to cause the least amount of interruption to your life when we’re working on your house.

We treat every home as if it were our own. We understand that blowing in insulation can be messy. We will box off your attic entry to prevent insulation from falling into your home. We won’t skimp on steps like installing proper insulation baffles.

How to Request Insulation Installation:

Our attic insulation service takes both the roof and your energy efficiency into consideration. When you request a roofing estimate, we evaluate your attic insulation and advise you if there is a cause for concern. We service Canton, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti & the surrounding southeastern Michigan towns.

Do you know if you have enough attic insulation? Call the experts at Victors Roofing for an inspection and find out. And read more about insulation in Our Blog.

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