Attic Insulation

Although Victors does not tout itself as an insulation company per se, our expertise as roofers inherently mandates that we understand your attic insulation and ventilation requirements and the relationship they have to the lifespan of your roof. Rather than rely on the scheduling of an insulation company, we are fully equipped to provide blown in fiberglass attic insulation.

Like the attention to detail in our roofing services, we extend that into your attic insulation. A minimum of R-36 is used and R-49 is recommended. We can even blow in up to R-60. We box off your attic entry to prevent insulation from falling into your home and don’t skimp on steps like proper insulation baffles.

Good insulation is the real key to extending the life of your roof. Our attic insulation service takes both the roof and your energy efficiency into consideration. When you request a roofing estimate, we will automatically evaluate your attic insulation and advise you if there is cause for concern.