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If you have a home in Canton, Michigan, it’s more than just a great place to live, you can be proud the community is above average in many ways. Victors Roofing provides quality home improvement services in Canton and throughout Southeast Michigan. These services include roof repair & replacement, gutter installation, and attic insulation. Our goal is to help clients maintain great looking home exteriors that provide adequate protection for their families and personal belongings.

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We repair and install shingle and low slope roofing systems at an affordable cost, without sacrificing quality or any of the accessories that are integral to a healthy roof. As a sign of our commitment to quality, Victors Roofing offers a guarantee that the roofs we install won’t leak. We can improve the insulation of your attic. Attic insulation make a huge difference in the energy efficiency and overall curb appeal and value of your home. We can also install gutters to ensure that any runoff from your roof is properly directed away from your walkways and landscaping.

We take care of everything

Worries about your landscaping? Each time we arrive on a new worksite, we take measures to protect your property from damage during the construction process. From protecting windows to moving/covering lawn ornaments, we ensure your property will be shielded from accidental damage.

Since many projects require a permit, we will include its cost on any applicable job proposals, and take care of both ordering the permit and scheduling a final inspection. Each project we complete is then inspected to ensure that it passes local building code requirements before we vacate the work site.

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It’s important to us to help homeowners and business owners who are perhaps unfamiliar with their roof to make decisions with concrete facts and awareness of their options. For answers to general roofing questions, check out our Roofing Q&A page

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