Vladimir – Head Trainer 

Vladmir- Staff PageIn 1996, Vladimir moved his wife and 4 kids to the US. With nothing more than a few luggage bags in hand, Vladimir set off to improve the life for his kids and their future. Having very little English, Vladimir right away began his roofing career in Ann Arbor MI. Over 20 years later, Vladimir enjoys working alongside his two sons Victor and Vlad.

Vladimir has laid the foundation for what Victors Roofing is today, by instilling the work ethic and integrity in Victor at a young age. Often described as a man of a few words, Vladimir takes responsibility for training the majority of the roofers on the Victors Roofing Team. Vladimir still loves putting on his belt and working alongside the many roofers that he has taught to date.

Vladimir likes following the current news, considers himself an avid book reader, and enjoys being a grandpa to his five grand kids.