Leak Free Roof – Workmanship Warranty

Free from workmanship defects for a minimum of 12 years. With our leak free guarantee/written roof warranty, your roof will not leak or we will remedy the problem free of charge. You will automatically receive a free inspection after 6 years to help ensure the longevity of your roof.

Although the first 12 years with the free inspection have you completely covered, your roof will last considerably longer if properly maintained; 20-30 years or longer in fact. We highly recommend an inspection every five years to extend the life of your roof, and we proudly provide you with complimentary peace of mind for the first 12 years.

What is Victors Roofing Leak Free Guarantee?

    • Free of workmanship defects minimum 12 years
    • Automatically Receive Free inspection after 6 years
    • If your Roof leaks within the 12 years it will be fixed free of charge

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As you would expect, there are limits to these warranties such as trees falling on it, tornadoes, cousin Vinny installing a satellite dish, and other such factors beyond our control.