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To say “we’ve got you covered” may sound cliché and uncreative, but that effectively sums up what we do. Roofing is a family heritage, it’s our expertise, along with the seamless gutters and attic insulation that are an important part of your cover. We often fixate on gutters to properly drain and direct the runoff from your roof, and border on obsession toward the relationship of ventilation and attic insulation to assure the long life of your roof.

In the Southeast Michigan area, there are literally hundreds of roofing contractors. If you’ve viewed other roofing web sites, you’re probably starting to glaze over by now and wondering what kind of spiel we have for you. Hopefully you’re here after seeing our yard signs or roofing projects, or have been referred by one of our many customers because we don’t have a spiel.

We do however have some unique benefits and will do our best to communicate those to help you decide on a roofing contractor. We won’t resort to high pressure just because there is so much competition. When you do choose us from among hundreds of choices, it is your best compliment, and we will pay that back by making sure you are pleased with that decision and will tell others.

To discover what our unique benefits are, find out here.

Because we don’t have a spiel or a sales pitch, we’re highlighting a few recent projects below so you can see for yourself why we wouldn’t want to make this site sound like a typical roofing contractor.

Southeast Michigan service area

We are still in disbelief of the quickness and quality of roof replacement service you provided us with. The way you gave your roofing estimate with a full blown evaluation with pictures to prove it was above and beyond what other roofing contractors would do. Your no-leak guarantee was the icing on the cake. We thank you for such a wonderful job!

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